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Toys that appear in the series.

Shokichi-San[edit | edit source]


Shokichi-San is Komari's plushy bear. Komari had it from a very young age and is still attached to it. Shokichi-San appear is very bad shape in the start of the show.

Komari Plushies[edit | edit source]

Komari Plushies

Hotaru's hobby is making Komari-like plushie dolls because of her obsession with Komari. She is embarrassed about showing them to others and tries to hide them. With time she gets really good at making them. During the show we see many variations of the dolls: flying Komari, pencil holder Komari cat, and a reference of kimono Komari.

Mom[edit | edit source]


Mom (お母さん Okāsan?) is Renge's Chogokin toy.

Baby[edit | edit source]


Baby (赤ちゃん Akachan?) is a huge plushy owned by Renge. Renge makes Hikage play with the plushy.

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