Renge Miyauchi
Non Non Biyori - OP 00.28.png
宮内 れんげ
Miyauchi Renge
Age 6-7
Birthday December 3
Sign Sagittarius
Blood Type B
Relations Kazuho Miyauchi (older sister)
Hikage Miyauchi (older sister)
Friends Hotaru Ichijō
Konomi Fujimiya
Natsumi Koshigaya
Honoka Ishikawa
Komari Koshigaya
Kotori Koiwai
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Non Non Biyori Episode 1

Renge Miyauchi (宮内 れんげ Miyauchi Renge?) is one of the main characters of the Non Non Biyori series. She is a first class student in the Asahigaoka Branch School and the youngest girl in the Miyauchi family.


Renge has violet hair that is tied in two pigtails with yellow ribbons (the yellow ribbons were given by Dagashiya when she was five) and reddish-brown eyes.


Renge is a very precocious child who has a curious nature and a unique naming sense.

She gets excellent grades in school and has demonstrated excellent artistic skills. She even picked up multiplication solely based on Konomi Fujimiya's suggestion to use addition as a base for multiplying. She is shown to be friendly and affectionate and loves being around people.



  • "Nyanpasu~!"
  • "Rabbit pen, rabbit pen~♪ let's take care of the chickens~♪ Let's take care of the rabbits~♪ Let's groom them nice and pretty~♪ Then put it all together and... Dynamite!" (Episode 7)
  • "Meowning~"


  • The name Renge is named after a type of lotus flower.
  • "Nyanpasu"
    • Nyan (ニャン) is the sound a cat makes[1]
    • Ohayō gozaimasu (おはよう ございます) is a common way to say good morning[2]
So "nyanpasu" is a way to mix both words. The subtitle "meowning" comes from an attempted translation of them.


  • It is shown that Renge is talented in drawing and can do multiplications just by regularly adding the numbers in her head instantly.
  • Renge loves rabbits and curry.
  • Renge has smiled only twice in the first season.
  • Renge's family owns a mountain.
  • Renge tends to end sentences with Non (のん Non?), which gives emphasis to her speech.
  • Renge likes creating her own songs that she is often shown playing her recorder at home and outside.
  • In Season 1 Episode 8, Renge placed first in a children's drawing contest [3], possibly with her drawing of Komari Koshigaya where Hotaru Ichijō and Komari encouraged her to submit her drawing to a drawing contest.


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