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List of Named pets in the anime.

Gu[edit | edit source]

Anime Gu

Manga Gu

Gu ( Gu?) is a tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog). Renge feeds and considers Gu her pet (even though it's probably a wild animal.)

Salt[edit | edit source]


Salt ( Shio?) is a crab that Renge catches in the river and wants to keep as a pet. Kazuho convinces her to set it free.

In the manga Renge catches Salt again (supposedly the same crab) in the winter and puts it in an aquarium in her house.

Pechi[edit | edit source]

Anime Pechi

Manga Pechi

Pechi (ペチ Pechi?) is Hotaru's pet corgi.

In the manga, Pechi appears to be much smaller, maybe even a different breed.

Flatty-San[edit | edit source]


Flatty-San (ひらたいらさん Hirataira-San?) is the name Renge gave to a bunch of triops shrimp that the girls collected from a river. She keeps them in an aquarium in the school and is the sole caretaker for them. She also keeps an observation journal on them.

Sonohigurashi[edit | edit source]


Hand to Mouth (その日暮らし Sonohigurashi?) is a cicada that Natsumi lures out of its hole by pouring water into it. Renge calls it "Hand to Mouth"(it's a rather hard word to translate, essentially it means "a carefree existence/living life day-by-day")

Hikarimono Boss[edit | edit source]

Hikarimono Boss

Hikarimono Boss (光りもの親方 Hikarimono oyakata?) is a huge common carp that Natsumi catches when the girls go fishing. They bring the carp to Natsumi's and put it in a pond. Later Renge decides to name it "Hikarimono Boss". In a later episode, the carp is referenced, so it is safe to assume that it still lives in the pond at Natsumi's house.

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