"A New Transfer Student Came"
Non Non Biyori - 01 04.29.png
Tenkōsei ga Kita
Scenario Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Shinya Kawazura
Episode Director Shinya Kawazura
Animation Director Mai Ōtsuka, Yuki Imoto
Japanese Air Date

October 7, 2013

Opening Nana-iro Biyori
Ending Non Non Biyori
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← none "We Went to a Candy Store"‎

A New Transfer Student Came (転校生が来た Tenkōsei ga Kita?) is the first episode of Non Non Biyori.


In the countryside village of Asahigaoka, a fifth grade elementary school girl named Hotaru Ichijō moves in from the city and transfers into the village's branch school, which consists of only four other students; a first grader named Renge Miyauchi and three middle school siblings, Natsumi, Komari and Suguru Koshigaya, along with their teacher, Renge's older sister Kazuho.

After school, Renge invites Hotaru and the others to her house, where she shows off her pet tanuki. The next day, the girls take Hotaru to a blooming cherry blossom tree to eat their Sakuramochi, though they end up missing the bus home on the way back.

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