Komari Koshigaya
Non Non Biyori - OP 00.27
越谷 小鞠
Koshigaya Komari
Age 14
Birthday August 14
Sign Leo
Blood Type B
Relations Yukiko Koshigaya (mother)

Natsumi Koshigaya (younger sister)

Suguru Koshigaya (older brother)

Friends Renge Miyauchi

Hotaru Ichijō

Hikage Miyauchi

Kazuho Miyauchi (sensei)

Konomi Fujimiya

Kaede Kagayama

Kana Asumi
Anime Episode 1

Komari Koshigaya (越谷 小鞠 Koshigaya Komari?) is one of the main characters of the Non Non Biyori series. She is the older sister of Natsumi and younger sister of Suguru. She is the eldest girl in their school.


Komari has brown hair and emerald green eyes. She wears mostly child-like clothing despite wanting to be seen as an adult. This may be due to the fact that her mother will not buy her new clothes until she grows out of her old ones, such as her school swimsuit. She mostly wears her hair down. She occasionally wears her hair with two small pony tails on the sides. She wears a uniform to school, as well as Natsumi.


Komari is smart but insecure. She wants to be seen as a woman, though she gets easily annoyed by the fact that Hotaru both looks and acts more grown-up than her, despite only being in fifth grade. Komari often feels out-of-place among her younger schoolmates, sometimes scorning them for their childish behavior. She is very responsible in her studies but has gotten herself dragged into trouble by Natsumi ever since they were children. Komari is the most superstitious of the main cast and she's easily scared by what she perceives to be supernatural phenomena. Natsumi often takes advantage of this by playing pranks on her.


Komari is the middle child of the three Koshigaya siblings. Her brother, Suguru, is the oldest and her sister, Natsumi, is the youngest. Her mother treats her as if she were a young child.



  • Komari is bad at cooking, such as having all the food burnt when she made a bento.
  • She is approximately 135 cm tall.
  • She padded her height when asked and said it was 140 cm.
  • Renge's nickname for her is "Koma-chan"(other characters adopted this nickname too).
  • When she is shown lying or disappointed, her eyes become shaped like a cat's eye.
  • She loves it when Hotaru calls her “Senpai” since it makes her feel more grown.
  • She has a plushy bear called Shokichi-San.
  • She always uses sunscreen out of fear of UV sun rays(Manga only)
  • Her name means "Small Ball"


• "Don't call me Koma-chan!" • "Autumn, to a grown woman, it's time to breathe a sigh and get sentimental..."


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