Kazuho Miyauchi
Kazuho f02
Age 24
Relations Renge Miyauchi (Younger sister), Hikage Miyauchi (Younger sister)
Friends Kaede Kagayama
Kaori Nazuka
Anime The Transfer Student has Come‎‎

Kazuho Miyauchi (宮内 一穂 Miyauchi Kazuho?) is one of the main characters of Non Non Biyori series. She is the eldest child in the Miyauchi family. She is the teacher in Asahigaoka Branch School.



Kazuho f01

Kazuho Miyauchi

She has dark violet hair and her eyes are always closed. We have yet to see her eye color: due to her always being tired, her eyes are always closed. She always wears plain colored clothing, with a lab coat over if she's at school. She wears her hair in a pony tail with side bangs.


Kazuho is shown to be quite lazy and irresponsible. Throughout the series she is seen sleeping or trying to get out of work. Due to the great variety of grades among the students at school, the kids are expected to do a lot of self-studying, with Kazuho dealing mostly with correcting their tests. Being the adult with the most free-time in their town, she is almost always the adult supervisor for the kids.



  • She is the only teacher in their school.
  • Kaede refer to her as "Sensei". It can be assumed that Kazuho was her teacher back when Kaede was still in school(despite the fact that she is just 4 years younger than Kazuho)