Kaede Kagayama
Kaede f02
Age 20
Friends Kazuho Miyauchi
Renge Miyauchi
Rina Satō
Anime We Went to a Candy Store

Kaede Kagayama (加賀山 楓 Kagayama Kaede?) is one of the characters of Non Non Biyori series. She runs a candy store but also rents ski equipment, futons and make mail deliveries. She sometimes complains about how poor she is.



Kaede has long blonde hair and maple eyes.


Kaede is usually kind and friendly and has a soft side for Renge, though due to budget problems she can be desperate over earning money. When she was still in the branch school, she often took care of Renge when she was a baby, and the two seem to still hold a close relationship, as Renge wears bows in her hair the same way Kaede used to do when she was younger.


  • She is called Candy Store (駄菓子屋 Dagashiya?) by Renge, Hikage, and Kazuho.
    • As revealed in Non Non Biyori Repeat, she was already called "Candy Store" when she was still in school. In a scene from Volume 11 of the manga that takes place roughly ten years before Non Non Biyori, the name is still used when referring to Kaede.
  • Five years prior to the story, her grandmother used to own the candy store.
  • Sometime between a decade and five years before Non Non Biyori takes place, Kaede dyes her hair from its natural black into the color seen since. She is shown having black hair in a scene from Volume 11 of the manga.


  • "Well I'm heading back." 
  • "By the way, this adds to your payment."