Hotaru Had Fun

"Hotaru Had Fun"
Hotaru ga Tanoshinda.jpg
Hotaru ga Tanoshinda
Japanese Air Date

September 23, 2016

Opening Kodama Kotodama
Ending Okaeri
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"A Year Passed" "Vacation"

Hotaru Had Fun (蛍が楽しんだ, Hotaru ga Tanoshinda?) is the first OVA of Non Non Biyori Repeat and the second OVA in the animated series.


On a Winter day, Hotaru has fun creating all kinds of things with the snow, which end up triggering a chain reaction of mishaps for Komari. During Spring, Hotaru goes to the candy store by herself and ends up making cookies with Kaede. On the last day of Summer, the girls use various senses to try and give Komari a pleasant dream. Finally, during the Autumn, the girls go to the woods to collect fruit, where Komari goes against a flying squirrel.

Character Appearances

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Major Events

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